Building Trust in a Diverse Workplace or Community

Date: 22-Jun-2017
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Building Trust in a Diverse Workplace or Community

  presented by 

Tatyana Fertelmeyster
Connecting Differences, LLC


Thursday, June 22, 2017

8:00am - 12:00pm      
(Registration begins at 7:30AM) 


Mesa Community College
Library (LB) 145
1833 W Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85202 (map it)

Note: We encourage you to review the map and directions prior to your arrival. 

Complimentary Event w/ light refreshments - RSVP today!



Please join us on June 22nd when Tatyana Fertelmeyster presents "Building Trust In A Diverse Workplace or Community". This highly interactive workshop will engage participants in exploring cultural aspects of trust building and examining individual and group-based obstacles to developing higher levels of trust.



Our ability to trust others is essential for our individual as well as collective well-being. Meanwhile, studies done by Pew Research Center, Gallup, Survey Monkey, and other organizations show that Americans are having increasingly more difficulties doing just that - trusting. Trusting institutions, trusting media, trusting neighbors (especially in diverse neighborhoods) is on decline. Millennials find it harder than senior citizens to trust others. Mistrust of police is at record high among people of color. 

Survey conducted by the American Psychological Association shows that as a nation we became more anxious in the last few months than we have been since APA first started measuring our anxiety levels 10 years ago. All of that means that building trust in diverse workplaces and communities has a great degree of importance and urgency.  

We will ignite our collective wisdom to search for practical solutions.

Upon conclusion of the session, participants will know how:


  • Identify cultural and personal trust-building models;
  • Recognize differences between reality-based and bias-based obstacles to building trust
  • Generate practical ideas and solutions applicable for their workplace or community


About Tatyana Fertelmeyster

Tatyana Fertelmeyster is a founder and principal of Connecting Differences, LLC (, a consulting company that provides Leadership and Team Effectiveness consulting and training as well as Meeting and Process Facilitation for corporate clients, academic and non-profit organizations. Tatyana brings to her work deep awareness of cultural aspects of human interactions and her unique technique of Spontaneous Facilitation, which allows her to be fully present for intricate details of any situation she works with. Tatyana provides coaching and mentoring for Intercultural and Diversity professionals with special concentration on developing their Effectiveness and Resilience. She also coaches high potential professionals in personal, cultural, and work related transitions.

Tatyana is a faculty member at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communications (SIIC) in Portland, OR, the Winter Institute for Intercultural Communication (WIIC) in North Carolina and the Qatar Institute for Intercultural Communication (QIIC) in Doha, Qatar. Tatyana is a co-author of the Russian version of the training/coaching tool Cultural Detective™ and a Master Trainer of Facilitators for the Cultural Detective™ model ( She is the author of the Russian part of the Culture Wise online learning tool ( Tatyana serves as an Intercultural Training Manager for Kochman Mavrelis Associates (, a company that for many years has been on a forefront of domestic and global diversity work. She is responsible for the KMA Russian/Eastern European program and serves as a lead trainer of trainers for the KMA Race and Reconciliation Institute. Tatyana is a Senior Facilitator with Personal Leadership Seminars ( and a Senior Consultant with BrainSkills@Work™ (

During her tenure with the Jewish Child and Family Services of Chicago (1989-2011) Tatyana worked as a family worker in refugee resettlement, a mental health counselor, a project coordinator, and a Director of Cultural Competency Programs. In that leadership position she was responsible for overseeing a number of state-wide projects that served refugees from over 30 different countries in various Life Skills Education programs. Tatyana was involved in a program and curricula development and training of professionals working with refugees nation-wide. She co-authored Life Skills Education for Pre-Literate Populations: Facilitator’s Tool-kit.

Visit Tatyana Fertelmeyster, Connecting Differences, LLC


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